Luxury Serviced Apartments

We have serviced apartments in Glasgow, to help you with your short stay requirements.

We believe a house is not just a collection of walls made of brick and mortar, but it is a source of security, relaxation and comfort for you and your family. Hence we endeavour to provide the feeling and comfort of home away from home to our clients.

Serviced apartments are ideal for short term stays as opposed to hotels for a number of reasons.

  • Cost effective
  • Comfort of a home
  • Access to a kitchen, means you could prepare your own food.
  • You get access to an entire house, as opposed to a small room.
  • With the central location in the city, you have access to all other amenities, giving you best of both worlds.


We help investors get a better rate of return by deploying their funds in our property projects.

Conventional banks provide below 1% per annum return, however we could provide 6 to 8% per annum on your invested cash. We are able to achieve this by deploying your cash into our property projects.

Your money in the bank also looses value daily due to inflation. With current inflation rate between 2.5 and 3%, inspite of the bank interest, your money is not giving any real appreciation but its only loosing its value over time.

Poperty provides a safe option for investment because you might have heard the phrase “As safe as property”. It’s because stock markets can crash, banks can go bust, but property gives you security in the form of the physical asset, that is the property itself.

That is the reason no one says as safe as a bank or as safe as stock market.

If you have above £50K cash available for investment, do get in touch so that we can explore available options for investment.

Deal Sourcing

Finding profitable deals is very crucial in any property investment business. Based on your criteria, we could also source deals that you could take on as your own project.